Facts about Kate Upton

Kate UptonKate Upton is one of the most popular models in the fashion industry. Her very voluptuous butt and her Coca-Cola body figure brought her to fame. She is widely known in other fashion world that is very popular in producing underwear and Bikinis. She had been to many interviews and personal guesting in other TV shows. No wonder that she is known as the rookie of the year. Being fresh in the fashion world, she did not fail to showcase her figure as she stroll along the runway. Recently, she had been chosen as a model in the cover page of a sports magazine. Lots of men are dying to see her in person. Others are aiming to have date with her. That makes her very popular among men both young feeling young.

Kate Upton is a native of Melbourne Florida, with her cowgirl looks; no doubt that she catches the attention of the media. Another asset of hers is the so-adorable bust. She has been featured in different TV shows. She guested at The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she was asked about her relationship to Mark Sanchez. A famous player of Jets Team in New York.

She denies the issue, but the host is making fun of her. She was asked if she had a date for this coming Valentine’s Day but she just answered a very safe question. She also guested in David Lettermen Show wherein she was asked about her feelings and reactions for being the supermodel in the Sports Illustrated Magazine. Kate Upton was compared to Nicole Smith because of the way she answers back to the host. She talked about her experience in her shootings wherein she had lots of experience that molds her to become a better model.

Many reactions both positive and negative have been circulating the internet about her dress during that show. Some says that she looks good but her dress looks too old for her. Kate Upton being 19 years old is too young to be a model; nevertheless she is able to carry herself in front of the camera. During that time, she also talked about her life during her childhood days. She talked about her experience riding a horse and pony wherein she had an accident causing her with w wound at her forehead.

Pictures from her shooting in Australia where shown in the Lettermen show. She was also asked about her appearance in the TV Shown “The Three Stogies” where the host is making fun of her. He showed the picture of the three funny actors and she asked Kate Upton about her contribution in the show.

Kate Upton guested in a game show “Knife or Banana” this comedy niched show asked her to choose among the two items. She think very hard and the expression of her face seems so worried and later decided to choose banana. The funny thing about the show is right after the guest chose an item; the host will stab it directly to your chest. The video was uploaded in the internet and many reactions were posted to have a comment with the show.

She was the model in some advertisement wherein she challenges a guy by staring to each other. She wears a revealing bikini and walks into the set; she removed the robe and sits in front of the blindfolded guy. Right after the blindfold was removed, Kate Upton stared the guy and continuously flirting and disrupting him from the challenge.

She was also featured in the Victoria’s Secret print ads where most of the models like Tyra Banks are very popular. She wore a bikini with angel wings and ramp the runway. She was featured to different fashion shows and TV shows.

She also appeared in the movie Tower Heist where she acts as a mistress of one of the noted character in the movie. According to her, it was her first time to do an acting career and she did not have any acting lesson at all.

Truly, Kate Upton is very talented and she is being loved by the lens of the camera. Every time she poses in the camera, the magic of her looks will surely make the world of fashion overwhelmed. Especially the guys will just plainly stare at her bust.

Katie UptonHave you ever wondered how it feels to be a celebrity? Probably yes! Most of us are dreaming to become a celebrity, definitely correct! However, the pressure is on the rise and rumors have been always a partner of being famous. As a public figure, celebrities such as models, actresses and other TV personalities must be careful enough with their actions because they will not know that the next morning they will be featured in the gossip issue and other damaging speculations that will only harm the image as well as the dignity of the celebrity. If you are game with this, then let’s take a look with the life of this very popular supermodel Kate Upton.

Recently, there are so many celebrities who have gone into the spotlight that leaves a good mark and impression to the people, however most of these celebrities are showing what is good to the people but hiding their own true personality off the camera. If these celebrities who are fond of hiding their true identity in their own cabinets; then there will be no place for them in the limelight of successful stars.

In the likes of Kate Upton, she was considered as the rookie of the year from a sports magazine where she was feature. Allow me to inform everybody about the things that made this supermodel as a popular celebrity.

What do you know about Kate Upton? If you are an avid fan of hers, then probably you know these things that made her famous in the entertainment world.

After being chosen as the coveted cover of the sports magazine which is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue released annually, Kate Upton had stormed the radar of every individual especially the young and old men. This very young model at her 19th year of existence is equipped with the most envious figures and curves in the fashion and modeling world. Having a 33-25-36 vital measurement, she had become an international and latest sensation as sex icon overnight, and she was feature in other adult website like RadarOnline.com will surely provide you some fresh and true facts as well as details of this Venus beauty.Katie Upton

Kate Upton was rumored to be with Kanye West. She was spotted with the photographer kissing and having a good time with the famous rapper at the balcony of his Cannes Hotel sometime in May 2011. She was also rumored to have a private relationship with the quarterback player of New York Jets NFL star Mark Sanchez;

Kate Upton came from a consistent well-off and political family. Her uncle Fred Upton is the elected Congressman for the Sixth Congressional District of the state of Michigan. Kate Upton was raised in St. Joseph City, Michigan and spent most of her childhood days in town nearby Melbourne Florida. She used to toy with horses and ponies wherein she had an accident after riding them causing her some few bruises and wounds at the forehead.

She had a pony named Roanie. She raised her pet and she even joined and showed in several horses riding competition. This considered her as a country girl who is fond of the animals. An animal lover indeed.

She was discovered by a casting call. Kate Upton joined an open call for Elite Model Management in Miami and she was signed on the direct spot. She then moved and lived in New York City and she also signed contract with the IMG Models.

She was also tagged as an endorser of Guess – Clothing lines. Following her footsteps are the iconic celebrity blondes like Claudia Schiffer and Anna Nicole Smith. Kate Upton was also features in the Guess- Clothing line in the brand’s 2010 up to 20122 campaigns. She was also modeled in the fashion industry and worlds known producing lingerie which are Victoria’s Secret and Beach Bunny Swimwear.

She also made a video of herself doing the Dougie moves while watching the Los Angeles Clippers game in April 2011. The video was posted in the internet and gained millions of viewer, though the video receives many comments from the viewers.

Now, she is pursuing her acting career since she was starred in the movie Three Stooges and Tower Heist were she was playing the role of the nun (Three Stooges) and as a mistress (Tower Heist)